Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still here but computer ain't.

Well my computer is still at the doctors. I am using my step-moms.

Li, ToddlerJi and I headed out to North Van on Tuesday to visit my stepbrother and his beautiful and overly cute baby in their new apartment. I had a really relaxing time by the way you two. I enjoyed it.

My step bro is Doctor Bro, so he may or may not be able to fix that damn computer. I hope it is a yes as there are some great video clips on there I would love to show you from our last day at the Harrison Festival of the Arts. ToddlerJi was dancing all by herself right in front of the stage totally enthralled with the band. She was so adorable.

Hmm what else has happened…..

I didn’t get the job **sigh** but I have another interview on Monday with a different company and a presentation of myself, and my resume, (not an official interview) on Friday. Hopefully something clicks somewhere.

Li has decided he is going to go to school to do the Chefs Certification here at the collage. We are not yet sure of any roadblocks he will face due to his English level, as we haven’t been able to get a hold of the head of the department due to the fact that EVERYONE is on holidays.
How dare they. Humph
We will have to apply for a student loan for him in order to do this, as it will be 10 months full time with no chance of working.
Ya not looking forward to paying that off. Grants would be better but we will see. More and more paperwork to fill out. Ugh.

I am going to attend a bookkeeping course starting the end of January. It is only two nights a week so wont cut into work time. I am really looking forward to that. **grin**

I have been riding a lot and really enjoying it. I have been a little slack on updating my horse blog (Shoulder In) but I will soon I promise!

Today ToddlerJi, my friend Cori, her son and I headed out to an old riding students house to have lunch with the family. Too cool. It was a blast seeing Katie again. I taught her riding lessons from the time she was 6 to when she was about 12. I loved teaching that kid. She was such a hoot. Love her mom too. It didn’t feel like it had been YEARS since I saw them (except for the fact that Katie is now a 20odd year old bombshell and going to university!!!) and I had a lovely time. I really must see them more often, I really enjoyed it.

It did age me a little bit. **sigh**
My birthday is next month **sigh**sigh**

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