Friday, July 14, 2006

slides and milk

Well not much to tell you all.
At the time of writing this I haven’t heard back from my interview. Still hoping something comes from out of that.
The last two days I have been crazy busy looking after ALL the horses and cleaning stalls – my dad and step-mom went to Vancouver for two nights to watch the Circus de’Ole spelt very wrong thing. They enjoyed it and my feet stink.

ToddlerJi went down the slide at the pool and thought splashing into the water was the most fun she has ever had. Totally crazy child.
I think I am going to sign her up for the August swimming program as well: she loves it sooo much.

The job that Li tried out the other day is a sort of so so. It is hard to explain. The guy wants him to basically hold off getting a job until his new restaurant is finished maybe the middle of next month so that Li can do the menu and be the head chef. All very flattering and all but the restaurant is going to open at the end of season, if it even opens on time, and Li cant wait that long to find a decent job.
We are going to keep looking around and see what we can find.

I have gone for two days with out any breast feeding at all. Ahhhhhhhhh….
Li has finally come on board with me and every time ToddlerJi asks for milk from me, Li takes her away and gives her a sippy cup of milk.
On Wednesday night she was total hell and screamed for three hours before she finally accepted the cup.
Then yesterday Li and I moved her bed into her own room. I didn’t sleep very well last night because it was my very first night sleeping without my daughter in the same room as me. This is a difficult thing to do! It is a letting go thing for both of us and DAMN but it is hard.
She woke up once last night and then I woke up Li to go and attend to her. She fused for only a few minutes before she fell back to sleep.
It is getting better, much better, and I feel very relieved about it.

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