Monday, July 31, 2006

looking for a blessing

Hi all

I have been a little anti-blogging lately. I have nothing to tell you but blaa stuff about feeling blaa and crappy. Hubby and I have been in constant nag and fighting mode for a month now and both of us have been really regretting our move to Canada. We have asked the word ‘why’ far too many times.
We had even made rules for ourselves in order to deal with each other. The stress is really getting to us.

There are jobs out there; the hard point is finding a job worth taking. Usually everyone else wants that job as well.

Remember a while back how I used to add a blessing onto my posts at the end of each day? I need to start doing that again. I need to start thinking more positively. Everything has been feeling really negative and the world seems to be working hard against Li and I and our goals to get back on our feet here in Canada.

So a blessing…

Todays blessing:
One – I have a family doctor!! Considering the extreme doctor shortage over here this is a pretty major thing. Some people have to drive two towns over to find one, I have one here!!

Two – Li and I bought bicycles, the granny style kind. We love them! We didn’t want mountain bikes because we loved our granny style ones in Japan. ToddlerJi got all excited when I put the baby seat on the back to see if it would fit. She tried climbing up into it. Gotta go and get it attached now.

Three – I have signed up for two different courses at the collage starting in SEPTEMBER!! Very happy about this. (Li’s course is a no go because of his English level. He cant pass the entrance exam.)

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