Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Daycare, tadpoles, driving and Pigmies

I have been busy the last few days riding horses and getting organized with life in general.

ToddlerJi started going to daycare two days a week. It turns out that the day care I was looking at is also used by a friend who has two kids and the teacher’s daughter is marrying a friend’s son, so all in the family I guess huh? She wasn’t my first choice of daycare: I really wanted Loma, an ECE lady who did really cool theme play and tons of activities for the kids. She is of course booked and I am on a waiting list for November. Deana, the new teacher is pretty good though. ToddlerJi seems to really like her and she is always very happy and excited when I go to pick her up. Deana was reading a book to them when I went to pick her up yesterday: this made me happy as I do dislike the TV that always seems to be on. She is MUCH more relaxed about things in general then the ECE lady, though, and I do admit that I really like this about her. Makes me more relaxed about the whole thing.

Then on Tuesday ToddlerJi started her swimming school. We slept in of course – woke up at 8:30, class started at 9:00 and got there and dressed with 5 minutes to spare, no speeding. I AM A GODDESS!!!
ToddlerJi on the other hand is a bloody tadpole! There were six other kids in her group, all at least 6 month older than her if not more. All of them were crying and having fits; ToddlerJi was diving straight in, screaming and squealing in delight and was almost a little embarrassing. She has started learning how to kick her legs already when lying on her belly. We have another class tomorrow morning (alarm clock is turned on.) It runs twice a week for four weeks for only 30 bucks – I like the YMCA.

Then today Li did his computer test for his driver’s license. He has been studying the book for a few weeks now and today made a try at it. Li has NEVER driven a car anywhere in any country in his entire life. EEEKK!! But he passed!!!! BUT he needs glasses. Ugh.
So it was off to the optometrist to get his eyes tested only to be given the heart breaking and purse shrinking news about needing glasses for driving – 400$ later Li will be getting his glasses on Monday and getting his learners license the same day. Then it is off to the driving school and more mental stress for me as I see my husband behind the wheel of a car.

While we were running around all day doing that, as well as fitting in riding two horses, ToddlerJi spent the day with her grandma out on the lake.
I picked her up and Mom told me about a band of Pigmies from Africa, no I did not type this wrong you read it right, who are coming to the Harrison Festival and giving a concert. While they are here my mom and a group of boaters are going to be bringing the pigmy group out for a boat ride on the lake – we are going of course. How is that for weird and trippy.

Trust me – I’ll tell you ALL about it.

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