Friday, June 09, 2006

Sushi Li

I tried posting this yesterday as well as visit other blogs but blogger was doing something technical and wouldnt let me. Now I need to find time to visit you all today. hmmm


Well Li got a job!!!

Before me the little jerk. It is in a sushi restaurant and a good start. Today is his first day so we will see.

Yesterday I put on my suit and handed out a couple of resumes. Again, we will see.

Today I brought Li to work with ToddlerJi in the car seat and came straight back home only to discover that the parent figure people had left and the stupid bloody key they had given me TOTALLY DIDN’T WORK!!!!

I was locked out for over three hours. AUGH!!! Today it was pouring rain!!!

So ToddlerJi and I headed to the library and got a card, then found some little kid picture books that she doesn’t need and some Chinese fairy tale books I am hopping Li can find time to read to her. The new job does not have very wonderful hours.

Then, after the house doors were unlocked, I made some phone calls to child care people in our area. I had phoned Community Services and they faxed over a list of registered places in our immediate area. From the list of five there were two that sounded good: one was an ECE graduate who does lots of activities and themed play for the kids, the other does lots of free play. After reading what some of the headaches Mo-Wo went through and is questioning about her childcare provider I decided a stay-at-home mother was best – no running around town to pick up other kids, go shopping or any of that. I want to know that my daughter is on that property all day. Both of these ladies are stay-at-home.

My preference is the ECE lady but she is of course full so I have been added to her waiting list. I am still going to head over there on Monday to take a peak at her facilities and if I really like it reinforce my name on her waiting list.

The other lady wont be available for another week because of some renovations to the nursery that she is doing but we are going to head over and check it out in a week.

In Japan I had very limited options due to my lack of transport and the strange lottery system that they have for public daycare. I had to go for a slightly more expensive private daycare that was within biking distance but never regretted it. In reality we were really lucky.

So the quiestion that I ask all the experienced out there:

What questions should I be asking them? Did you ask these questions and actually receive answers?

Thanks all.

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