Thursday, June 01, 2006

Panda Bear Soup

Well the customs office was a breeze yesterday. I came armed with tons of pieces of paper and all was well. I had to have proof, other than my passport, that I had been out of the country for at least 2 years.

THANK GOD I carried all my personal work papers with me all the way to Shanghai and then Canada on the plane. I do not regret that extra baggage at all.

My stuff arrives here on Wednesday. All is well!! I will have my computer back so be prepared for more blogging. hehehe

Then we headed over to China Town and had a very yummy lunch. If you want to eat good food in China Town I HIGHLY recommend you go to Kam Gok Yuen Restaurant across from the Panda Bear on Pender Street. Walk down Pender and you will know what I am talking about. ;-)

They specialize in BBQ Duck and Li thinks their duck is very good – we had some of course, along with their excellent soup.

I have been going to this restaurant for as long as I can remember and I love it there.

After we went shopping for soy sauces and were thrilled when we saw them being stocked in every single shop we went in to and for sooooooo cheap!!

In Japan we paid 8 bucks for a bottle, in China Town 99cents!!!


So we shopped and were happy, found a bookstore for Li and were over the Lions Gate Bridge before the rush hour.


I even had time to play with the horses last night.

(I need to do another China holiday post for you all soon. There are still stories to tell.)

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