Thursday, June 22, 2006

The last few days ...

The last few days have been spent riding and doing all that ‘stuff’. The big thing happening right now is that Li has been going to a ‘Job Shop Sessions’ thingy. Basically they are teaching him the Canadian work system way. It is quite different from Japan and China so he has found it very interesting and educational. They have also been doing some English class stuff so he has been enjoying it.

I decided to bite the bullet and use the Employment Resource Center to talk to some counselors about what I can do. I have this big barrier holding me back – 6 years in Japan – and it is a little frustrating. I have been out of the workforce loop and I need some in to get me back in. Ugh!.
I had a pretty good meeting today so and have another one with a different job specific guy tomorrow. I am glad I went to the Center; I just should have done it a little bit earlier.
Oh well.

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