Monday, June 12, 2006

I saw a real live Panda!!

Li quit.
He was being used and not paid anywhere near a fair price for the amount of work he was already more than capable of doing. They were not willing to pay for the fact that he required no training.
Back to the drawing board.

We might be heading up to Whistler within the next week or so for a night or two. My father has time-share up there with Interwest and they collect points throughout the year. These points have to be used up very soon so why not use them on us, eh? Hehehe

(Update: we are heading up this week for two nights. Sweet relaxation.)

I gotta take pictures of the car – I keep forgetting. I did wash it today and then it thunder stormed so now there are spots all over it again. Grr. Tomorrow I am heading over to the Toyota dealership and they are helping me put those window top breeze thingamajiggies on the car. I know they are sticky and supposedly simple but I am terrified of totally screwing it all up.

(Update: they are on and look great.)

I need to get the back windows tinted to make ToddlerJi’s life more comfortable back there as well.

Haven’t got internet hooked up to my computer yet. Myrna and I have no idea how and need to wait for a day when my step-bro has some spare time on his hands.

Tomorrow I am making some follow up calls on my resume drop-offs: hopefully something positive comes out of that.

We visited the one daycare place today and felt really good about it. I like her learning play program that she runs. It is great. I hope there is an opening there soon.

AND I signed ToddlerJi up for swimming lessons starting next month at the YMCA. That will be totally awesome. I hope that when and if I get a job I can get at least one weekday off to take her there and swim with her. I think she is going to really enjoy it!

So… Back to the China holiday.


We went to the Zoo one day: it rained of course, but we had a blast!!!

We attached an umbrella to the stroller to protect ToddlerJi a little bit more and headed on out to the Shanghai Zoo.

That place is HUGE!!

And ToddlerJi loved it.

She saw fish and ducks and snakes and turtles and tigers and lions and and and …

She started to get really sleepy but was enjoying herself so much she kept forcing herself awake. Her head started nodding until she saw the giraffe and her eyes snapped open and her fingers started pointing.

Then her head actually plopped down just as I went ,oooohhh elephants!, and her head popped right back up again and she was going ooohhhhh right along with me.

She stayed awake when we saw the gorilla and the little new overly cute baby gorilla, and the silver back King Kong guy, and the really cool looking orangutan and the overly cute and rolly polly panda bear. We bought a little stuffed panda of course.

She finally passed out halfway through the monkeys but we were almost finished by then.

It drizzled the whole time and we were all a little wet so it was back to the hotel for new clothes and a short nap for all of us.

It was great! I can’t remember the last time I had gone to the zoo.

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