Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I bought a ......

Sorry, I haven’t updated for a while.

Had a couple of bad days in the homesick way, really second-guessing this move to Canada and banging my head against the wall. Li is bored out of his mind but is stuck in a rut due to our untimely arrival just before summer when all school courses are stopped till September. This puts his English classes on a hold. Total crap!!

We are keeping our eyes open for a job that doesn’t require too much in the way of reading and writing. He can speak English it is the reading and writing that is his problem. We are working on this.

All of our things from Japan arrive tomorrow, this is a huge stress lifter, and in them are all my teaching books so Li is going to be hitting the books very soon at home.

On a huge freak out moment I bought a car.

Ya freaky!!

I haven’t owned a vehicle for six years and today we just signed the papers on a mint condition 2004 Toyota Echo with only 6700kms on it. A very happy little girl I am. It is incredibly good on gas and so clean it is like owning a new car.


I am now broke.

Tomorrow after all my stuff arrives I am going to deliver my resume off to this office and put on the best professional face that I can muster. The suit is pressed and the shoes will be here.

Must get a job now.

PS!!! Does anyone else have weird symbols all over their screen when they veiw this blog in Microsoft Explorer? I am really confused because I never had this problem in Japan. Weird! Why? hmmm...

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