Saturday, June 10, 2006


I have my computer back!!!

Only problem is that I don’t have Internet hooked up yet, blaaaa.

Soooo, I am writing this on my computer but need to save it to something later to put it onto the web for you from the other computer.

But I am now looking at my nice new flat screen, which takes up so little space and typing on my new keyboard that does not have any stickers with writing on them all over the place telling me where the English keys are.

Note: Japanese and American keyboards are NOT the same. A great source of amusement when using the wrong one with what ever OS you are using. Hmmm.

Hmm what to tell you, I have nothing to tell you that is new so I will tell you another Chinese holiday story.


Well in Shanghai we realized we had stayed a few days too long and were suddenly searching for things we could do with a baby in tow. I picked up an English newspaper and surveyed the ‘Around Town’ section to discover that there were many different art shows going on. We had already been through the whole of the main museum but I discovered there was another smaller art only museum in the middle of town at the end of The Bund street.

Li had no idea and neither did the taxi driver but we found it very easily because it is a beautiful old marble building. It turned out to originally be the Horse Racing Office. Way back many years ago horse racing was very big in Shanghai and the track actually ran right around today’s main shopping district and along The Bund. This building is beautiful with marble flooring, high vaulted ceilings and lovely stairs. Li kept on saying how nice it was about, of, 50 odd times. The entrance fee was also extremely cheap.

While there we saw a very interesting exhibit of Mexican artists, an exhibit of a fairly good Chinese artist who had traveled around to many other countries and, Li’s favourite - an exhibit of ceramic pieces from this overly famous ceramic house in China. Jin Tou….. something or other. Li is in the shower so I cant ask him just now. I can tell you that the pieces were very impressive.

ToddlerJi behaved more or less as one would expect in a museum but she really had me embarrassed on the first floor while going through the Mexican art exhibit. The ceilings are extremely high and vaulted.

Use your imagination.

ToddlerJi discovered the art of echoes, and oh my, did that girl practice her yodeling. It was so embarrassing. She even discovered she could make a cool echo sound when mommy covered her mouth.

Thankfully it was not busy.

(Update: The ceramic house is called Jing Den Zheng, spelt really wrong probably.)

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