Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Drop Shots

So some of you have been asking about my Drop Shots photo album.
I love my Drop Shots!!

Lets see…. Who was it??.....AHH YES! Midori!!
She was the first, in my blogging world, to use Drop Shots for a video. I was really impressed by it and asked her a couple of questions about what it was.
Basically Drop Shots is another of those on-line photo storage places you can get now. The cool thing, personally, is that it will take the date from your camera and automatically separate the photos in their own album according to the date taken. I personally think this is cool because then I don’t have to organize.

The main reason why I fell in love with Drop Shots was because of their amazing video capacity. I can upload videos on my other HUGE photo album, but I hate doing it. The feed is slllloooooowwwww and takes forever to start. THEN you can not click on a back button. It is a little screwy.
Well NOT with Drop Shots. This place is fast, streams really nicely, and allows you to post your videos, or photos, directly into your blog without compromising your blogs loading time. Wow!

Each picture, video has a list of options beside it that you can do:

If you click on the Blog/link button you are given a whole array of options that allows you to post your picture in a blog, email, website, and forum or chat group. What you see in this blog is me using the first option. It is a code that I enter into my post and the photo appears with a link back to that particular album.

If you want to do this you need to be on the internet and be editing your post from within Blogger. You then click on the HTML mode and insert the code where ever you want it. Don’t forget to add a space before and after so that the writing does not run into the picture.

Way toooooo simple.
The video works in the same way.

I recently downloaded the Drop Shots Drop Box. WOWZERS!! They are not joking when they say it downloads 100 times faster!!!!

I down loaded it the other day and have been having far too much fun. It downloads a little camera icon into the bottom right hand area of my screen (those little quick icon thingies area). When I am ready to put in pictures I open my memory card up but leave it in the simple mode and then click on the camera. A little box pops up and I just drag and drop the photos that I want in my album and it uploads innnnsssaaannntttllllyyy!!! Bloody amazing I tell ya.

They obviously offer a free version to tempt you but it only took one video post for me to fall in love and upgrade. I don’t know if they still have the premium offer available that I had – unlimited everything for as long as Internet exists for 99bucks. Hmmm ya I bought it.

And I love it.

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