Saturday, June 17, 2006

Diving right in

Well I am back – back from Whistler and back to having Internet on my computer.
Yaaaa to Nils for hooking it up for us!!!

It will be interesting to see if there are any weird code things when I post from this computer.

So we had a very relaxing time in Whistler. We didn’t really do anything at all except stroll around the village, watch a movie and go swimming.
Very relaxing. (sigh)

We left on Thursday just before lunch. We ate a little early with ToddlerJi hoping that she would sleep the entire drive up as that was her usually scheduled nap time. I had my new car stereo installed the day before and my MP3 player full of driving tunes so I was set.

I love driving the Sea to Sky Highway – it is so beautiful and dazzling at every bend. I was a little worried about major time delays due to all the road construction going on up there but we were only stopped twice: once for about 20 minutes and the second time for only 5, so we were really lucky.

The weather in Whistler was not wonderful and actually a little drizzly but ToddlerJi was so excited by the whole trip. After we checked into Club Interwest we parked the car and proceeded to unpack everything. The club rooms have full kitchens so we had a cooler of food to last us two days. ToddlerJi actually helped to unpack the car – literally, she actually pulled things out and put them on the push trolley. THEN she helped her daddy push it to the hotel room where she proceeded to inspect every little nook and cranny in that place. She was hilarious!

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We went for a stroll around the place after ToddlerJi woke up from her nap (she didn’t sleep in the car but she was a very good girl) and checked things out. The first place we went to find was the pool. Hehe

After Li made us a wonderful steak dinner we all headed down to the pool. I had bought ToddlerJi a bathing suit and her special swimmers pampers and she was about to experience her very first swim.
The kid was perfect!!

We timed it perfectly, which really helped – there were other kids swimming and having fun. WELL!! Anything other kids can do ToddlerJi is pretty positive she is more than capable of doing. I carried her into the pool and she took to it like a fish. Li and I were passing her back and forth and swishing her around, bobbing and splashing. ToddlerJi was laughing and giggling the entire time.
We took a short break in the hot tub and then went back into the pool. Well the other kids were jumping in so she demanded that she try as well.

She was quite funny because she actually does not know how to jump yet. At home she only jumps with one leg up and has no idea how to jump forward. She she was standing on the edge of the pool with me holding both of her hands, I would go “1 -2 -3!” and she would do her funny hop at the same time that I pulled her and in she would go squealing and giggling.

Last night we went in again and the same kids were there so she was in heaven. When I would hold her in a floating position she was even starting to kick her legs a bit. She actually pulled me out of the hot tub the one time to go back into the pool she was having so much fun.

Ya, no problems in the swimming department.

Last night Li made dinner in our hotel apartment for us and my step-sister Erica. She lives in Whistler and had not met ToddlerJi yet. They hit it off well and ToddlerJi had to show off and be a bit of a brat at the dinner table for her. Silly kid.

We had planned to take the gondola to the top of the mountain and have lunch up there but due to a bit of a brain melt down and a complete lack of common sense we did not bring the proper clothing. It was ZERO DEGREES up there.
So ya, we didn’t go up.
Next time we will be much better prepared.

We left this morning after cleaning up the room (it is time share) and headed home. The Highway was clear and beautiful. I stopped at some rest places and took some pictures but they don’t really do the scenery justice.

(Now that I have Internet here I need to desperately catch up on my blog reading. I just need to wrestle the computer away from Li to do it. Sigh)

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