Sunday, May 14, 2006

Still here

I am sitting at Li's cousins computer awaiting an early dinner with family. For some very annoying!!! reason I cant access by blog to answer comments, but I can write a post. Grr, the internet does have limits at times. Too weird.
I am going to keep trying though.

Only a few more sleeps in Shanghai. Things have been very good. We went for a two day bus tour in this beautiful town (lots of pics and stories later) the day after we landed in China. My mother-in-law came with us as well as ToddlarJi and it was crazy!!! Too much!! Toooooo fast paced, too much, too crazy, and ToddlarJi hates busses. Great places thought!

This two day trip was good in many ways but the best was that it told us the trip to Peiking without my mother-in-law was a very, very stupid idea. We canceled that plan and have stayed here in Shaghai the entire time.
This has been good though. We have .....

Been to the circus
done far toooo much shopping
been to the museum
been to the beautiful art galery
at amazing food
visited tons of family
done far tooo much shopping

went up the GIANT TV tower

visited many temples
walked at a leasurly pace
and slept in every single day.

It has almost been a real holiday.

This morning was spent sleeping, hehehe, then packing. We knew we were going to have to ship stuff home we just needed to take the time and figure it all out. I wanted to make sure that out suitcases were max packed before we shipped anything home. No use paying for mailing when we have already paid tons for our airplane tickets.

We ended up buying a beautiful plate setting that is Chinese style in its dishes. In Canada we can buy a plate setting but it has American style plates etc, and well, Li does the cooking and that is Chinese. YAA!!! He bough a crazy knife as well. More about that in a few days.

I have kept a very careful track of everything we did so there is tons to write you all later.

We have had a great time with the photos and have probably taken a few too many, but you can never have too many pictures right? hehe

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