Saturday, May 27, 2006

A life update

At this exact moment while I write this my Shanghai baby hubby is WEED EATING with a gas-powered weed eater!!

The man has never done anything even remotely similar in his entire life.

Yesterday was a fairly lazy day but the day before he was outside with a hammer and a crowbar removing all the rotten planks from the hay wagon. He has been throwing fence posts around and helping dad all around the farm.

My man is turning into a cowboy.

Well a cowboy that is still cooking dinner for us all every night.


Sorry no updates for the ‘Li’s Kitchen’ page. He has not done anything for that at all. I have reminded him he just finds it difficult to do at the moment. We need to head down to Vancouver one day soon and buy some of his Chinese soy sauce that he loves so much as well as a few other ingredients that he is craving for his cooking.

None of us are complaining though. Yummy.

Life is, honestly, reached a slightly boring state. I have started looking for a job. I feel useless and definitely fatter. North American food is TERRIBLE!!! Having Li cook at night has actually been wonderful as it is healthier.

I have also been drinking more soda than normal and that is so bad. I miss my old jobs tea machine – tea on demand, yaaa, no hot water to boil, yaa yaa.

I have been playing with one horse everyday and things are going quite fine there. I am enjoying it.

I have decided and am totally determined to attend book keeping classes at the college this September. To my extreme annoyance there is nothing available this summer. I talked to a friend who is a bookkeeper and she gave me some tips and study ideas. I am looking into it all now. My objective is to get into an office and start being a secretary of some sorts. She really recommended I just get myself in an office and learn to work in it, that it will help tons with my studies. I am looking forward to it.

My stepsister’s job is to find other people jobs, yaaa, and she is going to help me revamp my resume and tweak that a bit. I will admit some ignorance in that regards. Lol.

Hopefully something will come out of that.

Haven’t bought a car yet, need an income before I can even fathom making payments.

Keep running into brick walls regarding Li and getting English class for him. Hopefully that damn wall starts to crumble a bit soon as it is frustrating us both.

Our container from Japan hasn’t arrived yet but it should within a week. Hopefully I have no problems with customs and all goes smoothly there.

On Tuesday night I went to a movie at an actually movie theater!! Haven’t done that in at least 2 years: it is wayyy toooo expensive in Japan to go and then there was a baby as well as no babysitter. I went with a girlfriend and a giggly friend of hers. We had a great time and say ‘The DaVinci Code’. I quite enjoyed it and thought it was fairly well done with just the right amount of objectivity added to point out that it was a movie first.

Yesterday I got my hair cut off. I was trying to grow it out, hated it and everyone was telling me how great my hair looked when it was short, soooooo

off it came. Feel much better.

Gotta get ToddlerJi's hair cut soon.

Tonight my mom is taking us somewhere to do something and listen to music – I think.

Ill let ya know.

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