Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Life continues...

My hubby is building a fence.

I am really very proud of him, as he has been working really hard on it. I will be posting pics as soon as it is done.

He has been digging the holes and pounding in the posts using the very, very, very heavy post pounder. The only posts left are the gateposts. It is pretty awesome!!

My sweet heart. Sigh


We got the phone call from our Japanese shipping company.


All of our stuff has landed in Vancouver port and Li and I are off to Vancouver tomorrow to do the paper work to clear are stuff through customs. We are not anticipating any problems.

Knock on wood.

After we are going to China town and find some of the ingredients for cooking that Li cant seem to find in our local supermarkets.


We have both been feeling a little homesick. Weird word as we, I, am home, but we both miss Japan and the Japanese way of doing things.


I think culture shock is starting to kick in.

Now question, because it is driving me crazy and is personally disgusting!!!!

When did the ridiculous fashion style for women begin where they walk in low hip rider pants and short shirt showing off their DISGUSTING FAT ROLLS!!!!!!????

It is sooooo gross and quite nauseating as you drive down the street.


I just got a shiver up my spine writing this.


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