Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome to the NEW ANDREA IN JAPAN!!!

I am having sooo much fun today.
I love this template.
I decided that:
1- my blog is about to celebrate three-years in a few weeks
2 - I am leaving the country and about to start a new life
3 - I hated the way my side bar seemed to go on and on and on...
4 - I was bored with the old template


I found a new one and this is sooooo much fun!!!
The amazing person who created this blog in Caz. I am awaiting an email from Caz so that I can try to correct the strange link colouring that is going on but other than that,

Please, tell me honestly,
What do you think of the new templae?
How did it load for you? OK?
Is the font and size readable?
Do you think something needs to be changed?

All input is welcome.

Update: CaliGirl wanted me to post a picture of the Koi Fish Plate I mentioned in the post below so...

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