Friday, April 21, 2006

Shells of tears

Today was my last day at work.

I was going to do a last post from the work computer but it turned out to be totally impossible to do…..

I was crying too damn much!!!

I love my students and I love the people I worked with: I didn’t realize how much I really did until today. I know that you all have the address to this blog now and some of you have actually read it: cool.

I decided that I wanted you guys to join me over here as it was a way to keep in touch with you all. I hope you decide to come out of hiding and leave a comment or two. (Hint, hint Mr. Oda!!)

Because I know that many of you are going to pop by I just want to say:

It was a pleasure knowing you all and I can never ever forget any of you. Japan and Sum***o have been a huge part of my life for six years: a part that has taken up a large area of my heart. You were all there through some of the most important and traumatic events of my life:

- The death of my sister

- Marriage

- Pregnancy

- Having a baby

These are events that can never be erased from my memory and the fact that you were all there through it makes you all a huge part of my life.

Please keep in touch and don’t forget me.

My other readers are probably wondering why I didn’t just tell them all this face to face today while at work.

Well I would have if I hadn’t been blubbering away with a cloth stuffed in my face to keep the tears and the snot at bay.


I held through the morning but at lunch time I had to say goodbye to the ladies that I have been having lunch with for the past 6 years and I lost it.

She said:


I said NO!! and more or less burst into tears.

I was red faced, red eyed and bubbler nosed before I made it too the office. I was able to calm down until I saw Fumiko and then it started all over again.

I did ok for a little while, almost cried when I signed and honkoed the papers to finish my stay at the company, and made it through desk cleaning with out a problem.

Then five o’clock rolled around and I got up to do the traditional bow and goodbye to everyone and that got shot all to hell when the first people I said goodbye to were the Sei*** girls: tears flowed.

I have been crying on and off all evening now: I have a major headache.

I got home and opened the presents that people gave me and cried even more. You guys are all so amazing!!!

Mr. A gave me these shells painted in a girl’s day design and I am sooooo thrilled about them.

I also got the coolest picture frames, adorable paper mache magnets and gorgeous ornamental cloth. Fumiko gave me a Kendo stick that is soooo amazing!!!

Everything is so beautiful.

Tomorrow I am getting my nails done one last time and then Rika and I are going out for lunch. We are both going to be blubbering.

Then I have dinner with Kim and ugh, it will be so hard.

Sunday I have dinner with Jean and it is going to hurt like hell!!

Everyone is worth coming back here for:

everyone is a reason not to leave.

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