Sunday, April 23, 2006

A picture to say goodbye

I was going to write this last night but at 2 in the morning sleep was much higher on the priority list.

Li and I spent the entire day packing yesterday and the only thing left to pack is one box of various nick knacks (a small box), the stuff that the shipping people are going to pack,




So this is officially my last post from Japan. OMG!

I have been far toooooo busy to get very emotional the last few days. I had a great dinner with Kim on Saturday and again with Jean last night. No major tears but I know that I will see them both again.

The shipping people arrive at one this afternoon and getting that out of the way will be a HUGE stress relief for the both of us.

I don’t think either of us have said goodbye to everyone we wanted to but we definitely said goodbye to those closest to us. It will be so hard to leave everyone behind. I feel a bit like I am abandoning them all. Not sure why that feeling has emerged.

My newest stress has been to try to make ToddlerJi’s life as stress free as possible. She obviously knows that something is going on and sleep is sometimes difficult for her. I am a little panicked about the airplane trip as this will be the first for us all with a baby and AUGH!!! I have been reading every single piece of available information possible about flying with a kid so I think I am prepared but ToddlerJi never follows the rules.


Li’s cousin has a computer so if I can do a post or two from China I will; so stick around for the continuing saga of live in our bicultural family.

This blog has only just begun.

I leave you with the very first picture that
ToddlerJi ever drew for me.

It is also her very first destruction of property using a pen. Based on the shinny gleam in her eye while she was penning away, this chair will be the first of many.

Stay tuned…..

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