Sunday, April 09, 2006

Michael would be so proud

I had a very different post planned, I will still write it after, BUT I walked into work this morning and was very shocked by the latest attempt at proper and manners.

Actually I broke into a fit if uncontrollable giggles.

The ‘Refresh Area’, as it is called, is situated on the second and third floor of our building: the second floor is the office floor and the third floor is the laboratory floor. Well a while ago a policy went into place that allowed only smoking on the second floor and nothing on the third. I would have preferred it to have been set the other way around and have not sat and talked to anyone in the Refresh area since. To put it mildly, IT STINKS!! That and it can get a little hard to breath.

The problem is that I must fight my way through the smoky haze at least once a day in order to clean the tea machine every morning. If I want to drink any of that tea I have to fight my way through the haze again.
I can come out of their smelling just awful.

Well someone complained and low and behold, it wasn’t me!!

I had a holiday on Friday and on Friday they surrounded the area with a Michael Jackson style bubble, except that Michael had the opposite intensions. This works pretty good though, not perfect but close.

I took a picture with my cell phone: it is one the side in the FlickR pics. Not wonderful because of the reflections of the glass on the plastic but still very funny.

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