Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kanaya Tea Festival 2006

Well this morning we had a bit of a bad weather scare but the weather gods that be pulled together for us and things stayed cloudy but rain free.

It actually turned into perfect weather.

After a big lunch Dad, Myrna, ToddlerJi and I headed out to Kanaya to their Tea Festival. I just found out that it is only held every two years so we were very lucky!

We met up with Kim, Jean and Jean’s daughter Rae. Kim and I remembered from experience (we went two years ago) and we arrived around two in the afternoon.

Perfect timing for a wonderful afternoon.

First we saw a Taiko Drums group performing in front of the station: mostly young people but all having a great time.

Then we started walking the road down and immediately came across the town dancers. It looked like every single woman and girl in the town was out dancing. The line stretched on FOREVER! It is a pretty site to see and of course a ton of pictures were taken.

We then came across the older ladies who were doing miniature tea ceremonies. I had Dad and Myrna try out the mattcya tea: I personally love the stuff.

Then Kim found the free Sake guys with their giant kegs of sake that they insist on everyone tasting. Dad, Myrna and Kim were holding a cup in each hand trying out about four different tasted and being pilled with free food by the crazy but wonderfully happy drunk sake guys.

After that we came upon the Yatais and arrived in perfect time to watch all six neighbourhood Yatais battle against each other.

Basically they do face-off dancing in front of each

other and glare at each other. The objective is to prove who has more spirit and energy. This is the time for the older guys and all the teens and young adults to go crazy. Their hair is as wild as they dare to make it, fake tattoos are painted on, most are just a little inebriated and all are having a blast.

We all really liked this one Yatai that was all in black. Their band players were very good and the main leader standing on the top was pretty cool looking. Dad really enjoyed him.

I took tons of pictures and we had a great time. ToddlerJi was an excellent girl and has decided that Dad and Myrna are pretty cool after all. She dragged Myrna back and forth and back and forth behind one of the food tents for almost an hour having fun walking

up and down the little step. She had to be holding Myrna’s finger while she did it though. That and Dad’s shoulders were a great place to sit and watch everyone.

Finally we had had enough and our energy level was sapping: ToddlerJi’s had totally sapped and she had crashed in her stroller. Even though the Yatai craziness had a long time to go before it was finished we headed slowly back home.

At the station Myrna had to roll up her pant legs and attempt peeing in the squatter toilets. Her shoes were still dry so she did good. She had so far avoided going anywhere near them but there was no way she was going to make it home so had no choice. Hehehe I still remember my first
squat: I hate those toilets.

After a light dinner and ToddlerJi’s bath Dad and I headed to the supermarket to go picnic food shopping. Tomorrow we are heading to a picnic at the main city park that has been organized by my friend Janelle. It is basically a good bye party for Li and I, only problem is I don’t know if Li is going to be able to make it.

I hope he can: even if it is only for an hour.

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