Friday, April 14, 2006

I was chucked in the air, almost hit the roof, and cried


But we will return to that in a sec.

First: today is my blogs third birthday. I could go on for a long time about this but…

Second: With much personal second guessing I decided (we did) that it would be best for ToddlerJi to stay in day care today even though I had the day off. She needs the routine. He life has been all out of wack lately and she needs the structure of her daycare. She has not been sleeping properly.
So today I had a holiday and I took Dad and Myrna to Shizuoka to head over to Mt. Kuno. Dad was there before in January last year and I went again on August with my mother, but Myrna had never been and when dad went a large portion of the area was under renovation. The weather wasn’t great but the place was still beautiful.

It was surprisingly busy for a Friday: there were about three different tour busses up there and Dad was asked to pose with a group of very drunk tourists and Myrna had her picture taken a few times by this on guy.

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The buildings were very beautiful and amazing.

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After we headed into the shopping area of the station and had some fun with our credit cards there.

Third: I had my good bye party from my work people today. To put it mildly I was really worried about going: I knew I was going to cry.

I took the group bus to the restaurant way out in the boonies. It was a very traditional Japanese food place: good food but not quite enough. I was pretty hungry after all the walking we did.

Mr. O serenaded us with a karaoke song, and a few speeches were spoken. My one student said a short speech to me in English and that was hen my barriers started to break down.

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I then had to say a speech and started crying: not too bad but I knew I would.

Later Mr. Y did the most hilarious cheer for me and then I was chucked in the air.
I was not expecting it at all. After much convincing on their part they were able to get me to lay on the floor. I knew what was coming but was not expecting to be actually air born!!

Silly girl shrieks emerged and tons of uncontrollable giggles. I know some of them took pictures, maybe they will send me copies.

Later there were actually able to con me into singing a karaoke song: Let it be.

John didn’t puke in his grave, but he probably gagged a bit: I can not sing.

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Walking home from the station I had tons of questions running through my head:

Why am I leaving?
What are we doing?
Why after all our struggles is Li now able to find excellent jobs?
Why? Why? Why?
Why is my head walking faster than my heart……

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