Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hamamatsu with Curry

I am feeling a bit better today.

I haven’t had time to think about my panic attack, let along panic, so things are just fine.

This morning Dad, Myrna, ToddlerJi and I headed out to Hamamatsu City. The objective was to head to the Yamaha Music Museum, have lunch and then do some other exploring before heading back home.

Well to my surprise Dad LOVED the museum.

I actually had to force him to leave for lunch (Ji was getting very ancy) and he insisted on return to the museum so he could explore some more. The ticket man said he could return as often as he wanted through out the day so that is what happened.

They had done some renovation and reorganization of the museum and it was great. They also added some more listening CDs for the different instruments.

This place is quite cool as it has old and new instruments from all over the world. They show a time line of how different instruments have progressed over the ages and this is what fascinated Dad the most. At almost all the different instruments they had a set of head phones and you could listen to them being played. It is really cool.

Downstairs there are a few hands on sections: Ji loved the harpsichord piano thing. She was fascinated with the sound.

Then there were the hitty things, I think it is called a xylophone, and it took her a bit to figure it out but she finally did and loved it.

I took a video of course. Hehe

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After a good pasta lunch Dad headed back to the museum and Myrna ToddlerJi and I went shopping. I brought Myrna to my favourite Japanese things store and we both spent money.

This was when we suddenly realized that we had not properly browsed the museum gift shop.

WELL! Had to head back there now then, didn’t we?

This turned out to be a good mine for me and for them. Hehe

I bought a taiko drum, yes a Japanese drum. It is only about the size of a breadbox but makes noise, has its own stand and sticks. It is beautiful.

Sorry no pictures. The lady wrapped it properly for me and I don’t want to take it out.

I am very happy with myself though!!

Then we headed home.

Sort of.

We made a brief stop in Shimada and went through the HUGE Dollar store there!! Hehe

Lets see…

Thirty-two bucks for me and about twenty-eight for Myrna.

Ahhh I love the dollar stores here!

Then we headed home and almost crashed. We fed ToddlerJi a bit of dinner, recouped ourselves and then headed our ONCE AGAIN to a dinner with some of my close work friends. We went to a curry restaurant and had an AWSOME dinner! We had preordered their party menu and what a treat that was. We were wined and dined for twenty bucks a person. We loved it.

They also gave me some amazing presents that almost made me cry again, and are almost making me cry as I type this.

They gave me this incredible card signed by each of them. It is a huge frame type card with a special spot to put the photograph of all of us that we took tonight. It will have a treasured spot on my shelves when I get to Canada.

I love these people.

They keep saying, please don’t forget us.

I cant put it in words strong enough to tell them, there is no way I ever could.

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