Sunday, April 09, 2006

A good Sunday picnic

Last night ToddlarJi REFUSED to go to bed until well after 10, AUGH!!!
As a bonus she slept all night.

I am still tired though.

Yesterday we went to a picnic at the local park and were blessed with amazing weather, sunny and warm, and the cherry trees were still covered in blossoms. The park was beautiful.

This picnic was a small good-bye party set up by my friends Janelle and Kim. I hadn’t seen Janelle for a while so it was great seeing her.
It was a small get together and very nice. Originally a BBQ was in store but I pushed for a picnic instead because picnic grounds are MUCH easier with a kid than the rocks of a river. Turned out to be very smart on my part.

Janelle brought her unofficial nephew (she lived with the family when the boy was born), Q brought his two kids and I had ToddlarJi. Where we sat in the park we were beside the playground, on a flat field and there were no rocks anywhere. ToddlarJi was off running having a blast!

We were also being serenaded by a large group of Einka (old style Japanese music) Karaoke singers. They were having some sort of competition.

We had a great lunch, ate tons and then headed back home. We decided to walk along the old shopping road and do some window-shopping and possible buying. Myrna found a little present for *****(hehe) and we checked out the little temples along the way.

THEN hehehe, we stopped in at the recycle shop where I found my Boys Day doll (the shipping company is going to help me pack it) and I found something totally cool again!!! A Kendo Uniform!!!

It came in its own bag, has the mask/helmet, the breastplate, the gloves, the jacket and the skirt!!! All for only 22$!!!!! YAA!!!

It only needs to be dry-cleaned. It is in excellent condition. I didn’t take any pictures of it as it needs to be cleaned first: just a little sweaty. Eeuww.

Li had wanted to buy one but when we talked to some friends about what it costs for these things we decided nope: VERY EXPENSIVE. We have no need for it in any way: it is just very cool. Kendo is not that common yet back in Canada: it is getting common slowly.

What I want to do is get one of those mannequin dolls and dress it up. We would have a little soldier guarding the house. Hehehe

All we need to do is buy the kendo stick, and I don’t think that is very expensive.

We are going to have the oddest (but coolest) decorated apartment when we move back.

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