Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dinner and a ... purse...

Li cooked a huge meal last night for us all. I actually have five different recipes for the Li’s Kitchen page but I am so not done. I did a couple and will post them below but I was too tired to finish last night.
I went to bed a little early and I am glad I did.

Dad and Myrna took off at 6:30 this morning on an Ensen (spa) tour that Li arranged for them yesterday. They are on a tour bus with a group of people their age and are heading to an Ensen just north of Tokyo somewhere: I have no idea where. They lucked out with an all-inclusive dealio so they are going to be experiencing some very traditional Japanese food.

I gave them this long speech about Japanese manners and the little rules to follow when in a Japanese ensen:

While they were getting ready last night Dad realized they needed another little carry bag so Li and Dad went rummaging through our huge pile to see what we had. ToddlarJi joined them of course.
Next thing you hear is Li in peals of laughter because ToddlarJi found this little clear plastic bag and has now considered it her new purse. She even put her little laughing camera (a gift from Aunty Kim) and a cloth book (from her Grandma) into the purse.

She is absolutely hilarious about it. She carefully places it just above her right wrist and holds her arm out like a perfect Japanese fashion girl and then walks around the house with her purse.

I tried making her leave it behind as we headed off to her day care today but she wouldn’t hear of it. She carried it on the bike and when I put it in the bike basket to take her out she thankfully forgot about it and didn’t bring it with her inside.

I need to get a picture of her and her purse. It is so cute.

So the menus that are actually finished over at Li’s Kitchen are:

Chicken and Peanuts – this is a little spicy but a very nice dish with rice
Tomato Salad – Tomatoes and sugar. Yes sugar! It is really nice.
Cucumbers and Garlic – Yes Garlic. It is wonderful.

HOLY CRAP!!! This post is officially my 1000th post!!!!!!!!!!!

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