Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Cherry Blossom Fool

(Yup I am the fool. sigh)

It is only Saturday and I have so much to say.

Where to start?

Well this morning my friend (and former Japanese teacher) came over with her sister-in-law and beautiful little niece. They came by to say hi and goodbye (I am leaving soon) and to pick up a huge garbage bag of baby clothes I had to find a new home for. In the process of packing I had to set aside all of ToddlerJi’s grown out clothes.


Let’s just say that I am a pack rat and they ended up with enough clothes for a YEAR!

It was really nice seeing them: the baby has grown so much! We took adorable pictures and did lots of posing. Hehehe. I won’t post them though: it isn’t my kid.

Then ToddlerJi and I put on our shoes and jacket, strapped the umbrella stroller to the back of my bike and headed out to the City Sakara Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival).

Last year there weren’t any blossoms for the festival: this year it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

All the pictures scattered through this post are from the festival. Click on them for a larger view.

When we got there we parked the bike, took off the stroller and started walking down the lane. ToddlerJi was in heaven and having the best time. I, on the other hand was having a hell of a time taking pictures AND keeping her safe. There were tons of people walking, having picnics, getting very drunk and taking tons of pictures.

I am going to really miss this about Japan.

The flowers were just gorgeous this year and we had a wonderful walk.

We went for our walk during ToddlerJi’s nap time so she ran out of steam pretty quick. We didn’t stay that long and headed home after about an hour or so. Ji fell asleep in the bike chair just as I predicted she would.

Li was still home when we got there and ToddlerJi awoke instantly for some daddy time.

I noticed that our newest residents in our apartment were here and sent Li down to talk to them.

The husband showed up at my door a few days ago with the traditional hello gift (always a towel) that new tenants give to their neighbours. Seemed like a nice enough guy.

Well I noticed that night that there was a vehicle parked in our parking spot. I assumed it was the new people. I wasn’t too concerned about it because we don’t have a car but I was a little worried about my private students and where they were going to park. There is zero parking around here.

I needed Li to go down and talk to the guy about it so there wouldn’t be any mishaps. No problems there.

Well Li headed off to work and I finally got ToddlerJi to take a nap. After she woke up from a far toooo short of a nap she and I headed out to do some food shopping.

We headed to Seiyu Supermarket and walked around very lazily, shopping in a very lalala way. Ji was in an incredibly good mood and I had nothing planned.

We get to the register, put the food basket on the counter, and I reach for my wallet.


I completely forgot to put my wallet back in my purse after Li asked for some money.


I handed my basket to the service counter people, told them to wait 20 minutes while I rushed home and got my wallet.

Stupid moment. Duh!

Everything else happened normal for the evening and ToddlerJi and I decided to snuggle up on the stool (no more sofa) and watch 4 Weddings and a Funeral. I hadn’t seen this movie in AGES! I still really enjoy it.

Well half way through the movie and I am laughing where I am supposed to and bloody crying where I probably am not (I am such a teary eyed sap) and the bloody door bell rings!!!

Shit, shit shit!

I have red eyes, snot bubbles, tear streaks and someone is at my damn door!!! I hoist up Ji grab a huge handful of tissues and attempt to de-snot myself before opening the door.

It is the new neighbour with a box of donuts saying sorry about the parking.

He probably thinks I am a total nut case now because I am sure it was plainly obvious I was crying.

This last picture is of some abandoned vending machines.

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