Monday, April 10, 2006

Are you SURE it isnt Friday the 13th?

Today has been one of those days:

- ToddlarJi mysteriously woke up with no diaper on this morning but Li swears he put it on her after her bath. The result was a wet bed and pajamas. ToddlarJi thought it was pretty cool though.

- ToddlarJi’s juice cup has gone missing. We searched all over the apartment for it. No sign of it anywhere. This resulted in Li and I have a squawk at each other this morning: he thinks it is ok to put juice in the milk cup but I know for a fact this will make the milk later taste gross if you do this. He relented and said he wouldn’t put juice in there. We may have to buy a new sippy cup. They are actually not that cheap when you buy the decent ones that don’t break when chucked by little kids.

- It is raining.

- Li went to the apartment renters and had a bit of a squawk at them about us getting our deposit money back. The manager is going to phone and talk to him tomorrow.

- In order for Li to squawk at them I had to find the renter paper work, which had been put away. This means I had no clue where it was because things have been almost packed and moved around. It ended up being UNDERNEATH a huge pile of unpacked ceramics and at the very bottom of the box.

- I just realized that I double booked students tomorrow night and now have to phone and grovel.

- I broke my teacup at work. I have had that cup for over four years. Totally sucks.

- I have the most painful left shoulder and I have no idea what I did to cause the pain.

I really hope Li cooks something special tonight: I am feeling sappy and depressed.

The weather is totally not helping.

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