Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yesterday's Blessings Update

I realized last night that I have not added a blessing in a while. Things have been pretty good as far as life goes and I haven’t felt the need to look for one. I was going to do this last night but I got all wrapped up in trying to PACK THE DOLL. Stay tuned for a packing post to come.
Bloody hell, is all I can say.

Well yesterday afternoon work almost put me into a boredom-induced comatose state and it took everything in my power to not smash my head onto my keyboard.

I decided I needed a blessing from somewhere, something, anything.
Well yesterday’s blessings were:

  • It didn’t rain!!!

  • The cherry trees outside the office window are starting to open. Soooooo pretty!

  • ToddlarJi started jumping up and down in a wild state of happiness when I picked her up last night

And the real blessing!!
  • ToddlanrJi has learned that as soon as you enter the house you must take your shoes off! She now insists on climbing the stairs on her own (which takes at least long 10 minutes) she proudly walks up to the front door, I unlock it, she helps me pull it open, she takes two steps into the house, bends over, and takes off her own shoes!!!
Talk about saving me a ton of hassles when I am dealing with a teenager, who wont remove her shoes: it is ingrained in her head already!!

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