Thursday, March 09, 2006

snot bubbles

Well I am feeling better, not perfect, but better: at least I can swallow tea without gagging now.
I do have a swollen eyelid for some odd reason. The eye itself is totally fine and there is not a tinge of heightened pink to be found anywhere: just this ballooned eyelid. Hmmm. If it does not shrink by tomorrow I will trudge unwillingly to the eye doctor who is thankfully not too far away.

The past two nights BabyJi has been going to sleep at 8:30pm and sleeping beautiful almost all night. I really hope this sleeping pattern continues but I am not placing any bet on it.

Last night she woke up at 4:30ish am to drink but would not go back to sleep. Her nose was a little stuffy (new molars coming in) and she discovered that she could make snot bubbles come out of her nose if she blew right.
Cute for a few blows, but totally disgusting after.
I cleaned her nose, which totally ticked her off and then she started her spiral of annoyances and refusing to go to sleep.
I didn’t give her too long and headed off to the tatami room to sleep.
I hate sleeping in the tatami room but for what ever strange, odd, insulting, and infuriating reasons, BabyJi wont go back to sleep if I am in the room but will sleep beautifully after only a little bit of screaming and complaining with her daddy.
Uhhh, not fair!!!

I need to get healthy and sleep is a major part of this.
On Sunday, if the weather cooperates, I am the blind leader for our Earth Family walk. So far I have three women signed up to walk across a very long, very cool looking, rope bridge that is strung across the Ooii River and then there is a three hour (picnic stop in the middle) walk around the countryside area. I pray we don’t get lost. Lol!!
If we go there will be tons of pictures to show you.


Today’s Blessings:

Well today was one of those work days that was just boring blaaaaa, but it was all made worth while when my last student of the day gave me a major case of belly giggles.

A: How is work today?

Mr.M: Not too bad. No major problems.

A: I noticed that your section has been having a lot of meetings today.

Mr.M: Ya. We had a university professor here giving a lecture on phenol polmer ??? ;-( ????.

A: Ahh. Is this in your products field?

Mr.M: No. A little different.

A: Um, but interesting?

Mr.M: Uhh, ya, Very interesting. I slept very well.

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