Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I need Nanny McFee's stick!!

Last night after work Li and I met up at the supermarket and did some dinner and Pampers shopping.
When we got home we ate ‘nabe’, which is basically a giant pot of boiling water that sits on a hot plate in the middle of your table. You then boil your veggies and meat in the water much the same way you do a fondue. Li always tries to buy lamb meat. After we dip the food into a peanut butter based slightly spicy sauce that Li creates. It is really wonderful. Ji was given rice as well as boiled meat. She quite likes that.
She has also fallen in love with tomatoes. I cut up some slices and five them to her, she then sucks them down to the rind and happily chucks the rind onto the floor.

She started really complaining about being in the high-chair last night so I finally took her out and let her walk around while eating her tomatoes. Then she started demanding that she sit on my knee. She suddenly decided that she wanted to eat more but that she had to eat it sitting on my knee, the chair was not going to work.

Ok, no problems. I was in an accommodating mood last night.
I put her up on my knee and went:
-hmmm Ji, you smell like you have a little stinky. Eat quickly so we can have a bath and clean your diaper.

Stupid bloody move on my part!! Should have cleaned the diaper right away!!

With Ji’s wiggling around, and the unknown size of the load below, I ended up with SH*T ALL OVER MY PANTS!!!!


I quickly dragged her over to the tub area, cleaned her up while screaming EEEWWWW every half second. Li was in a full state of giggles over the whole thing. Ji proceeded to streak all over the apartment slapping her bare tummy and bum every time she stopped running.

I swear I can still smell it today.

While all this was happening we were watching Nanny McFee. I loved this movie and last night I REALLY wanted that damn stick of hers to turn back time and get the sh*t off of my pants and to smack my husband over the head for laughing about it.

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