Sunday, March 19, 2006

Adding some new cyber friends

I have some wonderful new European additions to my blog roll that I would like to introduce to you.

First we have Jazz from Three times it’s Jazz. Jazz is a forum friend of mine from Canada, married to a Japanese man, but living in London, England. She has just started her blog and it is a wonderful start worth checking out. I think, I know, you will enjoy her.

Second we have Rowan who is an American banging her head against the wall in Finland. She is another forum friend who has also just started her blog and is onto another amazing start. Oh and Alice, she has cats that you will love to read about!!

The third addition is Franzie and Oma is for Grandma. She found me through Mausi, and a good find it has been. Franzie is an Australian, married to a German, and living in Germany. She is a great resource for parents trying to raise bilingual children. Wonderful site to check out!

So, some more wonderful people to add to your Bloglines list.

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