Monday, February 13, 2006

Welcome to Li's Kitchen!!!

It is Valentine’s Day and I feel like bragging about my darling husband.

He did this for me YESTERDAY, not even on Valentine’s Day, wow!!

I asked him to please, please, please vacuum the floor because I had to teach last night: he vacuumed and washed the ENTIRE floor.

Then he cooked.
Well these pictures should tell you how amazing that was.
Let me remind you that he cooked all of this amazing stuff in this kitchen and he even cleaned the kitchen (man style cleaning mind you) after.


This is some sort of pork dish.

A close up of yumminess.


Close up of yumminess.

Sashimi all beautifully arranged!

There was a lovely soup too but I forgot to upload it.

Feeling the love yayayaya feeling the love! WAHOOO!!!

Hopefully I can update tonight with some more bragging yumminess on this here Valentine's Day.

Dinner Update:

fried chicken
pork with some green stuff (yummy)
scrambled egg with green stuff (soooo yummy)
cyahan, aka: chinese fried rice
all yummmmmmm

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