Monday, February 20, 2006

TODAYS BLESSING update!!! sigh

Huge sigh of relief.
I emailed the Embassylast week and got no answers back. I finally broke down and phoned them exactly 30 minutes ago.
The passport section has an interesting leave-a-message section and I left them one explaining my problem with BabyJi’s passport, which is about to bloody expire!!!! Small panic attacks happening within me about the due date coming up.
When you live in another country your passport is your lifeline and its validness and what is stamped inside reflects and controls your ENTIRE life.
Well I just got off my cell phone with the lovely, beautiful, well spoken doll of a lady, who phoned me back immediately after hearing my message. They had not yet had the email forwarded to them so did not know of my plight.
She told me what to do:
  • send original passport

  • send Citizenship card (that we finally just got last week)

  • send 12bucks

That is it!!
As soon as she hung up the battery on my cell phone died.
How is that for a huge blessing?

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