Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Blog under construction

So I started my horse blog.
I was searching around in the blogesphere and I saw:

Are You Charmed?’


So I checked it out.

This is a free web-hosting group that will start adding advertisements on the blogs in March. The interesting thing is that I will supposedly get paid for these ads, and unlike all the other ad stuff I have seen, this group pays me every time someone reads my blog and not when someone actually clicks on the ad.

I didn’t really join up for the money; I joined because their templates are very interesting. I have not yet added my name to their money scheme idea. I have sent them a long list of questions about it as I really HATE a lot of the advertisement layouts on other blogs, so I wanted to know how they would work it.
I have been playing with mine for two days now and lets just say, THANK YOU to this blog for teaching me so much about templates.

Don’t worry I WILL NOT delete this blog: I love it. Hehe

But this new hosting has pretty awesome templates:

  • Built in tagging system, so a built in archive!

  • A built in photo album!!! I can create multiple albums.

  • An interesting in house friends system that I have not figured out yet.

  • Interesting templates that have a very different look from Blogger

  • Smilies!!!!

It also allows multiple blogs under one user.
I have not committed myself completely to this. It seems to be working so far but if they annoy me I delete it and try something else.
Their ability to answer email questions is just as bad as bloggers so who knows.

Anyway, here is my new blog:

Shoulder-In to a Side-Pass

It is very horse minded with no mommy Blogging on there. I plan on keeping it that way for now.
But please, it is a blog under development and any comments or suggestions are really appreciated.
Check it out. And NO I am not getting paid when you read it. ;-)

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