Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My little girl, wow

On Tuesday evening we went out for dinner to a small Japanese / Chinese restaurant near our house.

Because we had BabyJi with us we chose to sit in the tatami matt section, which means sitting on the floor. They had special little four-inch-leg style seats for kids there and BabyJi thought they were the ultimate of cool. She sat so perfect it was almost freaky to watch her. She had her little feet planted firmly on the ground and her butt perched on the edge. She found it to be even more cool when she discovered the seat squeaked every time you sat down on it. She started bouncing up-and-down for a while, giggling away the whole time.
Actually now that I think of it they might have these at daycare, which would explain why she sat so perfectly.

We had fed her before we left but I still brought her vegi juice and some cookies to munch on. She also chowed down very happily on the edemame beans that were provided. We actually had to ask them for more. She was being such a great kid she didn’t look like a child who is not even 13 months old yet.
It was a little weird.

She was perfect until another family came into the restaurant. Up to that point we were the only people there. The new family had two children who looked 10 and 12: they sat on the other side of the restaurant in a booth.

Well BabyJi now understands completely the difference between ‘hello’ and ‘byebye’.

When the kids passed in front of her vision she immediately jumped up out of the chair, ran over to the edge of the matt and started waving at the kids and screaming:


The kids were looking at her like she was some sort of alien but this was not deterring her in any way.

She loved the edemame beans too much to abandon them so she kept running back and forth from the table to the edge of the matt to say hello to the kids.

She ended up stopping after a little while, and though she no longer sat like a star she was pretty good for the rest of the evening.

When we were finished and it was time to leave, I sat BabyJi on the edge of the matt so I could put her shoes on. As I did this, the chef came out to do his Japanese thank you and a tiny bow.

BabyJi bowed back!!!!
A real perfect Japanese bow!!!

Li and I stared at her in utter amazement, the chef started laughing, and BabyJi started going:

Bye bye
Bye bye

She then proceeded to say good-bye to every one who was in the restaurant and walked out the door with her daddy.

This kid never ceases to dazzle me.
It is truly amazing what they will learn in daycare.


Today’s blessing:

I don’t know if this really counts as a blessing but it made me grin from ear to ear and this is great.

When I picked BabyJi up from daycare her teacher said she was a non-stop chatter-box all day.

Ji has learned to say:

Sensei (teacher)

And when ever she wants one of her daycare ladies she screams out SENSEI while doing the come here hand motions.

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