Sunday, February 05, 2006

muscle ache ramblings

I am back to work and I am still not feeling good.
Last night Li got home around 2:30ish and I woke up shortly after.
No reason why, Ji was still asleep. I gave Li a kiss on the cheek hello and then realized that every – single – muscle – in – my – body – was killing ME!
We are talking full blown body aches at three in the morning, mixed with a sudden cramping stomach.
Ji woke up and I fed her then gave her to Li to try to put back to sleep. This did not last long as his stomach suddenly started lurching as well.

JiXiang was all giggles and smiles with out a care in the world, so I am pretty sure what hit Li and I didn’t go near her.

I did not sleep last night from 3am on. I dozed in and out but every single muscle hurt, my back was absolutely killing me, and I had to go to the washroom more times than I can count at that time in the morning.
I ended up getting out of bed at 6 with both Li and Ji totally zonked out, and I had myself a very long, and expensive, very hot shower. It felt great, but I still feel like crap.

Ji and I headed out this morning without any mishaps. Normally Monday is a stay-at-home-with-daddy day but Li has to work today. His boss begged him to talk to the daycare and arrange it so he could work today.
Instead he will have Tuesday and Wednesday off.

But I got my first blessing of the day when I got to work and opened my day planner: I have no classes scheduled until after 10am. (huge sigh of relief)

So I am sucking back green tea, I have a pack of Niocitran with me as an emergency, and I will be doing that letter you sent me in just a second Darren and Cheri.

My back still aches and my legs feel like they have just run a marathon.

Blogger has been all blogged out this last weekend. I had trouble accessing my site all weekend, and everywhere I looked in the blogesphere people were having problems. A lot of people were having comment problems.
I hope what ever happened out there has been cleaned up.
I am still sick and cannot handle blog withdrawals.

Today's blessing:

Running hot water!!!
I am about to soak myself in a hot bath. Ji is in bed, the house is quiet and I am having a bath.

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