Tuesday, February 14, 2006

International Sleepover Day

Every Monday night on Blogging Baby they have a ‘Blogging Baby Sleepover’. In these weekly posts they highlights some of the parenting blogs that they have noticed throughout the week. I always check it out because this is where I found Homesick Home and I just love L.

Well last week Karen decided to have a slight international taste to her sleepover party and I commented on it. She decided that Tuesday was now going to be the designated International Sleepover day.

So now it is Tuesday night on the other side of the world, Wednesday in mine, and we have a new Internationally Flavored Blogging Baby Sleep-Over.
Check it out people. Some of our own are on there!!

But also, if you are a non-American Blogging parent please let Karen know.

Leave a comment at Blogging Baby or a comment here.

I promise to forward all the parents or grandparents, or care givers of any kind, her way. I have actually been emailing her some sites and links to us expats and local parenting bloggers.

I am strangely excited about reading and discovering even more international blogs out there. My blog roll is going to start expanding soon.

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