Saturday, February 04, 2006


It is only three o’clock and Ji and I have already been to Shizuoka city and back.

We headed out there this morning and beeline it straight for the Lush store.I bought their face mask stuff, ahhh, we know what I am doing tonight.

This is a rabbit that was selling school bags. All the kids were trying to get their picture taken with him.

Then we headed out to the giant Isetan Department store and I spent money at Estee Lauder that I shouldn’t have but totally enjoyed doing.

Then it was up to the top floor to an Ikebana Flower display. My student did one of the arrangements but I forgot to bring her name written in Japanese so that I could figure out which one was hers. I have never been to an actual Ikebana show before. I have seen many Ikebana arrangements by themselves but not so many in one room before. It was quite neat.

Very amazing what they can do.
Here are some pictures that I took. There were a lot more but this is just a sample.

I really liked this one: very simple but I elegant. I also love baby daffodils.

After we looked around the Girl’s Day Doll displays. This stuff is so crazy expensive. This particular display cost just over 5 thousand dollars.


Ji has a display that I got her from the dollar store. Cost me a grand total of 6 bucks.


It is 9 at night and my face is smuthered in food extract yogurty based mush from the lushiously Lush and I can feel it doing its work. hehehe

It isnt a blessing but it sure feels goooodddddd....

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