Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hacking up a lung all over Netscape

I am at home today.
I was home yesterday as well.
I went to work yesterday morning for all of an hour and a half: I didn’t want to be there and nobody wanted me to be there. I was coughing up four lungs but I am pretty sure I recall basic biology and I am only supposed to have two. This would explain the pain. Hmmm
So my cold had reached the point of accepting that I really am sick and that I must stay home. Thank god for paid holidays.
Ji is still off to daycare though. I don’t have the energy to look after her properly and if she stays with me she will probably get sick as well.
I did sleep a teeny tiny bit better last night and feel a teeny tiny bit better today. I have tomorrow off as well. I decided to just accept the cold hell, take the week off of work and fight this damn thing.

I have been returning some emails from a few people but I use Netscape and every time they upgrade their site they SCREW IT UP!! I just had the automatic upgrade install 8.1. If you are using Netscape DO NOT INSTALL!! IT SUCKS!! For starters I am pretty sure no one is receiving my emails. I think you are all receiving them blank. Hotmail does not seem to be loading properly. I can read what you all send me but returning does not look good. My yahoo account does not look to healthy either. Blogger seems to be working ok, so far.
A lot of people use Firefox. I am going to down load it and check it out. If I don’t like it I delete it. Hmm.

I also received an email from ZoneAlarms telling me to quickly upgrade to their high level security patch before Feb 03 so that I am protected from some big scary virus wifey alert thing that is attacking on Friday.
Now I know I should take it seriously but the question meter started going off the chart:
  1. If you know it is out there why don’t you kill it now?

  2. I have to pay to have you stop a virus that you claim you already know about.

  3. Who the hell would actually warn people that they are going to release a computer virus on a specific date? Isn’t the point of a virus to destroy, so why warn?

  4. This seems like a money grab.

  5. My Norton is better and will stop it. If you know about it than I am sure they do too.

Call me a cynic but I am not paying. I will just unplug the internet for a few days.
I am going to see if I can program blogger to post posts for me without me actually hitting the buttons. Hmm

Today's Blessing:
I was a bad girl and when I went to buy some more juice at the store I headed upstairs to brouse around. Well being childless (Ji was at daycare) I was actually able to try on clothes. ;-)
Three pairs of jeans later. I love sales.
The best part was
I HAVE LOST SOME WEIGHT!!! Not so much that you can actually notice but I noticed instantly trying on clothes.
It is such a wonderful feeling. ahhhhhhhhhh.............

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