Thursday, February 02, 2006

Blow your nose..... please

JiXiang started her second year of life by instantly sticking her finger up her nose.

One day she wasn’t doing it.
Next day she was.


I have this major dislike for snot and anything associated with it. Nose picking makes my eyes pop out, non stop sniffing (I will admit that some is unpreventable) or snorking can make me go completely mental.

Go And Blow Your Damn Nose!!!!!!!!

And now my daughter has started picking her nose. (sigh)

When I was in China a few years ago I had minor mental blackouts on a regular bases at the tons of snorking and spitting that is considered quite acceptable. Nose picking is also a norm. Makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. One of Li’s little girl cousins was only about 3 at the time that we went and she started digging away and her mother never reacted until she started to wipe it on her dress. She taught her how to roll it into a ball.


In Japan sniffing is considered acceptable and I usually come off of the train with a mild headache during the cold or allergy season. Blowing your nose is actually considered rude and gross: picking your nose is not even noticed.


Well not in my house.

Ji is getting the silent

  • Please don’t do that sweetie.
And the soft removal of her finger from her nose.

At this stage of the game I will stay silent, soft but persistent. When she gets older there will be regular screams coming from what ever room I am in to what ever room she is in:

- Blow Your Nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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