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Today's Ramblings

Ji is getting in two teeth on the top, one on either side, as well as her first molar. She is chewing on things more often but has been quite good about it.

She is also going through her first ever diaper rash and it is bothering me ten zillion times more than it is bothering her. The Penaten cream is out in full force. I think it is because of an accidental change in the diapers I use. Same brand name just different absorbency level. I came to this conclusion today when I noticed the difference in the kanji between my two bags. The one I have been using is 30% less. Since I switched back the rash seems to have gotten better.
Yes I know that having her run around naked would help a lot, but she would also freeze to death. I am applying loads of cream and changing her diaper almost every hour instead. Looks much better today.

She has been almost evil the last few days and has been waking up at 5:30 every morning and has been full on active from the get go. No chance of a bit of a sleep by me in there anywhere.

Li in all his wisdom goes:
- Just take a nap when she is napping.

By that statement you can tell that he obviously does as minimal house cleaning as possible. I take full advantage of Ji sleeping to wash the floor (a daily thing in this dust haven city), wash the dishes, eat, and take a leisurely time on the toilet. I am just exhausted by the end of the day. He is going to have to learn to do some house work on his daddy days starting next week or I may go ballistic.

Li’s job is changing once again.
As I mentioned before, this restaurant that Li is working at is owned by the same company that used to own the BBQ restaurant he used to work at. Well I guess the old manager/boss found out hat Li had returned and showed up at the restaurant demanding that Li be transferred to his restaurant effective immediately.
They have offered him a fairly ok raise. Now he gets 8bucks an hour, at the new place he will get a little over 10. It is also in a far off city but the boss will happily drive him to work and home every day.
The catch is the blasted hours.
The restaurant now is 10am to 10pm. This new restaurant is 3pm to 3am. He would get home around 4in the morning. YUCK!!
It is only for a few months though. I think Li has said yes. Sucks with our personal relationship, we have had very few chances to spend any real quality time together. We also have to figure out Ji’s daycare schedule.

One of the things that really sucks about Li’s new job is that I have to cook myself dinner now. I have been so spoiled and loving every minute of it. Now I have to cook. I haven’t cooked in literally years! I have made myself steak the last two nights and did some more shopping today to put food in the fridge that I am capable of cooking. I have made a pact with myself to NOT eat too much take out of supermarket fast food. I can cook!!!
This morning Ji had her third DPT shot and my doctor gave me the low down on the rest of the shots that she has to have. I love my doctor. I love that he keeps me well informed. This is a VERY rare thing in Japan.

We then went to the post office and sent off a large number of pictures to all the grandparent people.

Later I went to Shizuoka with Ji and had coffee with someone I met on the internet.
But I met her in my foreign wives forum that I am a part of. She lives not too far away, is a fellow Canadian and seems like quite a nice girl.
Turns out we have similar friends. Small world!!!

We went on a bit of a gander through the Shizuoka station. I bought stuff. I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help my self.
These little Japanese dolls look like PERFECT Christmas tree ornaments. I bought 2 kinds, five of each, all different colours. Must buy at least five; four is a very bad number in Japan and China: it has the same sound as ‘death’ so you must always buy at least four.

I hope that we are able to get together again. It turns out she comes through my town quite often so we probably will.
With so many of my friends moved away, and with Ji making my evening life much quieter my friends list has definitely shortened.

Now I am watching Harry Potter 3 and am trying to decide what I need to bring tomorrow.
Tomorrow, if the weather stays nice, I am heading up to the snowy mountains with Earth Family and we are going tobogganing. This will be Ji’s first real experience with snow so it should be quite amusing. I plan on bringing the camera; of course, I just don’t know how it will react to the cold.


Today’s blessing:
  • Ji slept until 7:30, it felt GREAT!

  • I met a new, hopefully friend, today.

  • Ji slammed her finger in the door and came running to ME to get a hug.

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