Friday, January 13, 2006

Some Blog updates

Ji wouldn’t sleep last night (wide awake from 1am to 4am!!!) , so I did a lot of blog updates.

First I added a picture up top. Thank you Christina for that.

Christina is one of the new additions on my blog roll, which I totall revamped as well. I separated the countries a bit more and found a few more great expat blogs.

Although on my screen my blog roll has disapeared to the very bottom for what ever annoying reason. I hope it is at the top on yours.

I hope it returns to the top on mine very soon. (grinding teeth)


Today’s Blessings:
-I got my nails done and Ji was a fabulous little girl at the nail shop.
(A negative is that it is almost 9 at night and she is still WIDE awake. sigh)

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