Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mr. W is back?????

I walked into the office building, put on my indoor slippers (yes we have to wear slippers in our office), looked up, and just about fell over from shock!

*HI!!!!! (way over exaggerated voice)
Slight pause
When did you get back? (I wanted to say ‘How are you?’)
*Excellent! (a little too loudly)

And I walked up the stairs with my mind filled with a million questions.

Mr. W was back.

I wrote the linking post to Mr. W in September, but he started his stress leave around April (I think, there abouts). Today is the first I have seen him since September, and then it was only for two days.
He is back.
I hope he is back for a while, it would mean that he feels better. Honestly, I don’t think so. The guy is maybe 27, very good looking and he used to be so perky and bouncy and funny.
He looks old. And I don’t mean 27 year olds looking like they are 35, I mean he is 27 looking like he is bloody 40. And not a healthy 40.He is gaunt looking, his eyes are dead black; the sparkle is gone, and he no longer has a spring in his step.
I have this great urge to hug him, but as this is Japan he would probably keel over with a heart attack before the hug was finished.

I do hope he is ok.      

Today’s blessings:
  • Ji had a great day at daycare. I was a bit worried that she would act up because of being on a long holiday.

  • Ji found the KitKat I had stashed in the snack cupboard and had totally forgotten about.

  • Li phoned: he got another raise.

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