Sunday, January 08, 2006

GrinPa's in the snow

Today Ji and I got up early and headed out to Fuji Mountain to check out GrinPa’s , an amusing amusement park in the snow.
It is based off of the Sylvanian Family characters.
Everything is designed to look like their doll houses and is really cute. Not the greatest layout but interesting.

My mom fell in love with these doll houses and really wants me to start collecting them for JiXiang.

We went tobogganing. Ji and I went down the mountain twice and really enjoyed it until she got a big spray of snow in her face and decided enough was enough.
I did get some lovely photo ops though.

Today’s blessings:
- Ji and I had a lovely time in the snow.
- Ji thought snow was fun. This is a blessing cause we are heading back to Canada where it snows much more often than little ol’ Shizuoka.
- The house was still clean when I returned from Mt. Fuji. The husband had NOT destroyed the kitchen before he left. (sigh)

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