Thursday, January 26, 2006

Giving my head a shake

Once again I have more reasons to dislike Harper.
I have started getting the standard emails from family members who don’t believe me, or refuse to read that which is in front of them.

What amazes me more is there are so many out there who actually believe that because I am over here in Japan I am not allowed to speak up about my countries politics: that I am too far away to understand.
Well sorry dudes and dudettes, I read the same papers and if anything it looks like I read much more than you. I researched and I investigated just as much if not more than you. When this election started I had no opinion of Harper or his party. I went with an open mind into it reading and listening to all sides and all voices.
I came out loathing Harper and everything he stands for. He created my feelings for him with every word he said, his hidden agendas, his stance on social issues I consider to be extremely important and his religious right thinking.

I am sure that those who are Harper believers will not read the links that I am providing but I will put them on anyway. Read what others have to say and read the links that are provided in them. They are written in very much the same papers that you swear by but conveniently overlook. Look at both sides of the story: read outside of the box.

This post is not directed at one person but at many far too close to me who have suddenly begun judging me because of my opinion.

Links I dare those who judge me to read:

Harper failed to meet ethics czar on Grewal
The worst PM ever
God Bless Canada
Others thoughts on our soon to be PM
Thoughts right after the election
Here is a forum of thought before the election

And then there are the actual statistics:
Points to ponder for NDP supporters...Number of seats won by Conservatives where the candidate's total number of votes is fewer than the ballots cast for the Liberal and NDP candidates combined:
BC: 6
Alberta: 2
Manitoba/Sask: 7
Ontario: 22
Atlantic Canada: 6
Total: 43

Election results without vote-splitting:
Lib/NDP: 175 (majority)
Conservative: 81
Bloc: 51
Ind: 1

If you still think I need to “give my head a shake” then read some of this provided by CBC: give yourself a little Reality Check.

On a negative note I woke up this morning barely able to speak due to the cold setting in, but I felt quite good.
Today's blessing:
- I had two canceled classes which was wonderful as I can barely talk.
- With the help of the Tokyo Embassy finally contacting me and two wonderful students I think I may have solved my courier problem.
Update on that tomorrow.

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