Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Cute, Crazy & Wonderful Things Ji Does

  • She says “ub” not “up” when she wants to be picked up.

  • She stops moving and grinds her teeth when stinky things are happening in her diaper.

  • Just before having a bath she waits until the diaper is off and then pees all over the math mat watching as it runs down her legs. Then she smiles.

  • When I have taken (or am trying to take) something from her and she is trying to pull it back, her eyes open wide, her nostrils flare and blow, and she does an open lip teeth grit all the while going ‘ssssssssss’.

  • She slurps her pasta like a Japanese pro.

  • After she has done a loud fart we turn to her and go “Ugh! I heard that.” And she smiles.

  • When you pick her up she kicks her feet in the air and looks like she is running on the wind.

  • Her main words of choice are ‘sugoi’ and ‘sugei’. Both are Japanese for great or wonderful. According to her EVERYTHING is great or wonderful: including putting her fingers up mommy’s nose.

  • She likes to crawl under the living room table, lie on her back, and then lift it using her legs. Basically she is leg pressing. What she really likes is the banging sound. I am sure my neighbours don’t.

  • She loves to crawl onto the living room table and drop things off of it so that she can practice hanging over the edge and try to pick what she has thrown over back up. Mommy doesn’t like this.

  • She loves to stand and then bend over so that her ass is in the air, then babbles away to you upside down.

  • She loves to take the floor mop and clean the floor. Mommy likes this.

  • She prefers mommy’s toothbrush to her own, so we got her her own big girls toothbrush. She even tries to brush with it and not chew on it.

  • She loves to go up to the big mirror and kiss herself.

  • She loves to put her feet inside of daddy’s house slippers and try to walk.

  • She loves to stomp on the floor with her feet, especially when there is music playing. She also loves to shake her head in a head banger type way.

  • She goes “Aiyai” when she is saying ‘byebye’ while waving.

  • She loves to walk as fast as she can (not quite running yet) and scream at the same time.

  • She loves to sit inside of cardboard boxes and play inside them. She also likes to sit inside of the laundry basket and the canned goods basket (that is inside the cupboard that she first pulls out and then empties so she can sit in it.)

  • She looks like she is chewing on her tongue when she is concentrating really hard on doing something.

  • She likes to slap your hand away from her if you are helping too much or she does not want your attention.

  • When you put on her shoes she immediately walks to the front door and starts to slap it while waiting for you.

  • She shows all her front teeth when she smiles.

And the best thing my daughter does:

  • When she laughs she throws her head back and does a huge open mouth laugh for the world to hear.

(This is a hard one today.)
Today’s Blessings:
- Ji got the Baby Einstein Bed Time Lullaby’s CD I ordered, and I don’t know about her but I am really enjoying it. It is very peaceful and I have it set to continuous repeat right now.

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