Thursday, January 19, 2006

AnpaMan syrup

The last week Ji has been almost evil with her sleeping routine. She has been demanding that she be brought to bed around eight thirty-ish and passes out. Then she goes and wakes up at 2am wanting some milk and then proceeds to be the happiest most active ANNOYING child until 4 in the morning. AUGH! Then I have to wake up at six thirty-ish to get ready for work. I then need to practically drag Ji out of bed an hour later to get her ready for daycare.

She actually wonders why she is tired and bitches to me on the sofa while I am getting her clothes on.

I am blaming it on a mix of molar teething, a slight cold and a growth spurt.

I am desperately searching for excuses so that I don’t wring my kid’s neck at three in the morning when I don’t think I can take it any longer.

Yesterday I decided that the sniffles had a lot to do with it because of the major hanamizu stuffed in her nose. (I love that word, hanamizu. It means ‘nose water’ and is a much nicer sounding word than, ‘snot’.) I bombarded my child-raising friends at work asking for an over the counter cough medicine. There was no reason to take my kid to the doctors and load her up on major antibiotics when all she had was a stuffed nose.

I was a little surprised at how many of my friends couldn’t help me because they took their kids to the doctor every time there was a slight cough. I cannot imagine ever doing this: besides the extreme waste of time, it is also expensive for me and the medical system.
Thankfully Mr. K came to my rescue and told me about a syrup that he used on his kids and was safe for 0 – 3 years old. He wrote it out on a piece of paper for me and after work I headed to the nearest drug store.

The nearest drug store is HAC Drugs and is sort-of-kind-of on my way home. A friend of a friend whom I am very friendly with works there. (That was a confusing sentence) She also speaks English very well. I was not expecting her to be there as she too has a kid that she has to get home too.
To my joy she was.
She helped me pick out syrup for Ji. Not the same one as Mr. K wrote for me but a very similar one with an AnpaMan picture on it and she said the strawberry flavour was a little better: her kid liked it better. I went for the flavour favourite.

Well it seems to be working a bit, and the best part is it made her sleep: sort of.

Ji loved the taste and got some as soon as we walked in the door last night. I gave her some more before going to bed. She slept until 2, ate and fell asleep while eating. Wohoo! She then slept straight until 5 this morning when she woke up full of energy ready to attack the day.
Li got her to sleep around seven when I went to have my shower and I once again had to drag her ass out of bed.
She did sleep better though and had almost no cough this morning.

All of this is not too eventful and in reality with this schedule I should have had a better sleep and should not be complaining.

The key words here are ‘should have’.

I am VERY tired today because Li got home at two-thirty in the morning and deliberately woke me up so that he could model his new down jacket that he had bought.


Only problem is that it was one hell of a nice jacket and I made myself get out of bed and check it out. I put it on and decided that he had to find me one too.
35 BUCK!!!
That is how much it cost! WAHOO!!!
I love New Years sales.

Li is going to check out the store before he heads to work this afternoon to see if there are any left.
I hope so: it is a really nice jacket.

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