Friday, January 27, 2006

And now back to our regular programing

I got my nails done this morning and Ji had her nap through it: made the process much simpler, and my nails look all snazzy again.

Then Ji and I headed out to the post office and mailed Li’s passport. I had totally forgotten about the EMS service here in Japan. It is very reliable, safe, fast and cheap.
It is also basically the same as a normal courier service. I will admit that I lied a smidge, still a tad afraid, but I added a large amount of insurance so I hope all is ok.

I won’t really rest until we get it back though.

Ji and I have spent the rest of the day puttering around doing mostly nothing. When she crashes tonight I will do a bit more packing. I am trying to do just a little bit of packing every weekend so that it does not overwhelm me and freak me out.

Well this was a boring post.

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