Friday, December 16, 2005

Year End Bonenkai Party

Last night I went to my year end Bonenkai.
It was the only work party I have been to all year and I really enjoyed it. Li took over baby care for the evening and it seemed to go ok. I did get home to a kid that was still awake (but I was not surprised) and a bath/shower room that looked like a bomb had exploded. Not sure what games those two were playing. Li will never admit that he had fun because he does not want to take over that daily job.

The party was at a VERY POSH restaurant that was decorated in a beautiful old style. It was probably very expensive but I wouldn’t know; the company always pays for the year end dinner. They also paid for all of our taxi rides to and from the restaurant.
This was a syhabushyabu restaurant, and I didn’t actually click in that I had never had it before until they started cooking.
I am used to nabe, where we cook meat and vegetables in boiling water (love it) but this is different, using more sauce, rather than water, and this GIANT hunk of fat, which kind of grossed me out.
You cook the meat and veggies and then dip it in a raw egg. YES raw. I am still alive and never got sick. They LOVE (sorry turtle guy- really like) raw egg in Japan.

We ate till we were going to explode and for the first time ever asked the waitress for takeout. Usually we are still hungry, this time we could barely fit through the doors. Hehe

We did have our fair share of fun and games.
There was this crazy wig being passed around and I of course put it on.

We had a lovely evening of bingo and laughing. I won the fourth prize in bingo and got this GIANT bottle of sake that I was told was a VERY expensive bottle. It is called Hyogetsu. Can’t tell you any more about it. I think this bottle should be kept for a later date of celebration, so it is going into the closet.

Here is a group shot that we got the waitress to take.
Here are some more pictures of craziness.

I love these guys. (Yes turtle: love)
I will miss them.

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