Friday, December 30, 2005


Got a pedicure today.
I now have ‘blood blue’ toe nails. Oohhhh sexy.

Told Li I was going to a meeting with a bunch of girls and we were going to sit around and talk. Ohh I sat around all right. Hehe
I got my eyelashes permed!!!!
It came as a special with the pedicure so I thought what the hell right?
I have never had my eyelashes permed before. It is very common here, it makes your eyelashes look longer they say.

First they really do mean PERMED!
I had my eyes covered with special oils and surrounded in tons of special cotton; my lashes were taped up and covered in REAL Perming solution. It smelled just like the stuff used on your hair!! I laid there for 20 minutes, and then my lashes were rinsed and doused in some sort of setting solution that smelled just like the hair stuff.

And wozers Batman but my lashes looked long!!

They curl all the way up to my eyebrows and make my eyes look bigger.

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