Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The world just keeps on spinning

Yesterday was Li’s last day of work, not for the year, but until he is able to find a new one.
He got home early, to my surprise, but I guess the boss sent everyone home early but told them he was padding their hours to give them a full day. Great. That had been sitting around drinking and talking: he came home in a pretty good mood.

He played with JiXiang and all was fine, until the job conversation started and he started getting furiously angry about all the Canadian visa delays.

Good thing I didn’t tell him about the letter that arrived yesterday from the Embassy. Not going to get into it as I will just start ranting non stop. Let’s just say that things are continuing to be completely and totally f***ed beyond words and things are not looking good.
I don’t know why, so don’t ask.

On the other hand I have ended up with a baby who has decided that she would be quite comfortable living on top of the living room table, even if her parents strongly disapprove. In fact she is lying on it right now as I type thinking about taking a morning nap.

She might be a little tired due to being hungry because she has entered that phase of her life where ALLLLLLL food tastes bad and needs to be spit out all over mommy and her clothes. (grrr)
This is unfortunately not one of those phases that pass by in a few weeks, try more along the lines of a few years.
Right now the only food that JiXiang is willing to keep in her mouth long enough to consider swallowing is breast milk, bananas, and peas. If I am lucky I can get half a container of yogurt down her before she starts blowing cherry kisses all over the place.
Last week strawberries were the bestest thing I could offer her, this week forget it. For the last month she LOVED her little bits of pasta. She loved to slurp them up just like a pro. Now I can’t get her to even put a single piece in her mouth.

On a bonus note she has learned the word ‘no’ very well. She understands perfectly when I say it and has learned to shack her head when she does not want anything. It is cute the first few times but down right annoying when she is turning her nose and shacking her head at every and all food.

She and I did go for a long walk yesterday. Ji walked; all by herself I might add, from our place all the way over the train tracks and to the school. It is probably a little over 60meters. I personally think that is pretty damn far for a kid not quite 11 months old. I then put her in her back carrier and we headed over to the park where she successfully turned her pink suit in to a brown one but she had a lot of fun. I went on the slide with her, which made her giggle. I then would put her up about 2 or 3 feet on the slide and let her go down on her own. She taught it was the best and tried to climb up the slide so she could do it again and again. She then attempted to join in with these two boys who were playing catch. She really wanted to take part in their game.
There are some flickr pictures on the side.

Then, going home, we happened upon our nice elderly down the road neighbours. I really like these two, the old lady just adores JiXiang and they say hi and talk to us all the time. They are the only people in our whole neighbourhood who actually talk to us. Everyone else is polite but basically avoids us like the foreign plague or something. It has also been personally very comforting having a friendly face in the neighbourhood for the possible, should they happen, times of crisis. It was nice knowing that there was someone who we would be able to turn to for info. Being foreigners we are often left out of the loop when it comes to most neighbourhood functions.
Well, I was a little depressed to learn that they are moving to a different neighbourhood. They will still be in this town but in a totally different area.

Well, I think it is just about time to get the husband out of bed so that I can have a shower and start my day.

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